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Mimicking Nature: Australian Modern Leaf House Stuns With its Design

modern leaf house 11 architecture

A land of open spaces and oases, for me there’s no surprise that this contemporary, nature-inspired structure has been designed in Australia. Work of Undercurrent Architects, the amazing Leaf House is a contextual design that tries to mimic the nature’s perfection and create a microcosmic idealized ecosystem within its larger environment. Naturalistic but also innovative, the Leaf House has a tree-like appearance given by its unusual corrugated copper roof that stands on wildly twisting root-reminiscent steel columns. With amazing views of the ocean and the landscape, extensive use of glass and amazingly lit at night, the Leaf House seems like the perfect retreat for when you’re trying to disconnect.

modern leaf house 21 architecture

modern leaf house 31 architecture

modern leaf house 4 architecture

modern leaf house 5 architecture

modern leaf house 6 architecture

modern leaf house 7 architecture

modern leaf house 8 architecture

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  1. Len Skap Says:

    heres a 4min film showing the construction sequence. v interesting

  2. HDF Says:

    @Len – Thanks for the video!

  3. Ali Homayouni Says:

    nice arch

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