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Modular Solar House Inspired by Award-Winning Bike Rack Construction

House Arc1 architecture
The Palo Alto Architect responsible for the  modular prefab bike parking structure Bike Arc Joseph Bellomo has now applied the same construction techniques to create a similarly modular system for a prefab house that he calls the House Arc. The first prototype example is expected to make its appearance  this year in Hawaii.

House Arc2 architecture

Bellomo’s firm designed the award-winning High/Alma parking garage in downtown Palo Alto. He is an eco-biking enthusiast who rides his bike to work every day. Bellomo felt that we need to celebrate the new eco conscious way of life in design. “I wanted bikes to have the same cachet and respect as expensive cars,” Bellomo said. “I was tired of seeing them tangled together in makeshift racks.”

From inside, this modular construction looks like the belly of a translucent whale with the tubular steel ribs and polycarbonate sheathing  The simplicity and sparse use of materials inspired the idea of the modular house:

“That’s when I thought we could develop this design into a system of rooms to live in.”

House Arc3 architectureThe home would be made from tubular steel armature and be placed above the ground on concrete piers or a wood deck and then covered in the translucent polycarbonate plastic thin-film solar array. The architect believes that an 800-square-foot section worth of House Arc would cost about $100,000. But, of course, it’s modular. If you need more, add it.

Via the SF Chronicle and eco friend

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    the thing i love about bike racks is that they keep your bicycle secure in one place against thieves"-"

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