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Monumental Minimalism from Morocco on the Island of Ibiza

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A bold facade with a moorish air of mystery welcomes visitors to a vacation villa on the Spanish resort island of Ibiza.

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From the terrace, the resort villa offers the most serene view towards the islands Bledas and S’Espartas.

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The villa is located at Caló den Real on the west coast of the island of Ibiza.

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Villa 803 combines monumental minimalism with the glamour of a Hollywood version of Moroccan influence.

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Indoors, the North African influence continues with a muted palette of dry earthy tones ranges from deep cocoa to driftwood.

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Rich earthy browns permeate a luxury bathroom deep in the villa’s svelte interior.

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In between, the earthy coloring subtly changes to the extremes of brown tonalities.

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Polished concrete throughout is tinted with the brown of earthen floors.



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The outdoor-opening bathroom has a higher contrast extremes in a sophisticated range of blacks and browns now sharply contrasted with white, for an exhilarating simplicity.

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A heavenly fresh air bedroom opens directly onto the terrace.

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For a Hollywood experience, the villa can accommodate up to ten guests in a vacation to remember.

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