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Operatic Beauty of Modern Singapore Mansion

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Cooling pools top a first floor in the latest glorious Singapore dwelling from the always brilliant Guz Architects.

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The luxurious three story house offers a stunning and impressive showcase of intelligent solutions to the issues of constrained property space and close neighbors.

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Rooftop lawns create large outdoor recreation spaces at high levels — while blocking views to the neighboring houses.

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Vegetation edging these green roof lawns also helps to create privacy from the smaller surrounding single-story homes.

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A key feature is a vast stairway in glass, creating the sense of a very open glass house, seen here across a courtyard from atop the first floor green roof.

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This stairway-cum-art gallery is enclosed in an astonishing three stories of glass.

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All the rooftop lawns provide outdoor green views and a sense of connection to nature that supersede the view of neighboring houses that would otherwise dominate sight lines.

The staggered rooftop lawns and pool create the sense of ground level – but it is a ground level suspended above the neighbors.

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Only one neighbor’s house can be seen in the distance far below.

Even from this highest point, privacy isn’t compromised nearly as much as you might expect, because these all-glass walls only border the walkway – art gallery.

An astonishing and elegant solution from Guz Architects.

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