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Originality and Wit in Tropical Condominium Design

condominio baleia0 architecture

A perfect handkerchief lawn of a green roof frames the sea.

Perfection, right?

condominio baleia architecture

But I’ll bet you’ve never seen a “green roof” so brazenly stated!

Underneath it, there’s nothing but air. No pretense of an earth-connected dwelling. Very witty.

condominio baleia3 architecture
Instead, a vast open cube of an urbane living room soars up under the green roof.

condominio baleia4 architecture

Studio Arthur Casas’ Condominiums Baleia in Sao Paulo marry originality to condo design.

condominio baleia2 architecture

The condominiums overlook the ocean on Brazil’s gorgeous sea coast.

condominio baleia5 architecture

It’s basically a huge living room cube volume of open air, offset by a smaller bedroom upstairs.

condominio baleia6 architecture

Looking through the living room, behind a courtyard, is a glimpse of the kitchen and dining room.

condominio baleia8 architecture

In a typical move for this architect, the proportion of the living room is a soaring cube shape.

condominio baleia10 architecture

This gigantic height appropriates a huge slice of sky, maximising the impact of a sea view.

But notice how the ceiling is lowered to a normal height on the left.

condominio baleia9 architecture

In the lowered section of the living room under the bedroom, an intimate fireplace makes for a relaxing setting.

condominio baleia11 architecture

There is an unresolved mystery in this architecture.

Looking back towards the dining room courtyard, notice these three enormous expanses of windows:

condominio baleia12 architecture

Now looking the other way at that side, those enormous windows are gone.

Such huge windows could not have been slid to one side, surely?

condominio baleia13 architecture

It is true that this confident and efficient design speaks of the firm’s considerable commercial experience.

Perhaps there is a mechanical means to sliding twenty-foot high windows.

condominio baleia14 architecture

Up the well made stairs, a bedroom also overlooks the stunning view.

condominio baleia15 architecture

Each condominium has everything you need for the perfect vacation.

condominio baleia7 architecture

Repeated on down the line.

When a design works so well, why not do it over and over again?

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