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Prefab Modules from FlatPak Enable Do-it-Yourself Design

FlatPakNY1 architecture
FlatPak prefabs are based on using an assortment of pre fabricated components in industry-standard 8 foot units, the combination of which yields unique solutions to each client’s needs and site.  They help focus your design, too.
FlatPakNY2 architecture
For each section, you pick between the “window up,” window down” “all wood”, all concrete, etc. The combination of options are limitless. However, these are just for the exterior shell. Inside, there is more customization.
FlatPakNY3 architecture
Here, the eight foot units form a sunfilled home for a New York couple in Woodstock. But for their house, they broke the rule: look at that far wall. There is an extra two or three feet added at the back.
FlatPakNY4 architecture
The extra few feet was added at the back, behind the kitchen. Note how deeply the sun floods this interior because of the double height windows at the front of the cube.
FlatPakNY5 architecture
The extra few feet accommodates a stair that leads from the living room and goes up behind the kitchen to the bedroom landing upstairs.
FlatPakNY6 architecture
The interiors get more customization, once the traffic needs are found. The strict 8′ section can also be split between two rooms inside, as in this bedroom.
FlatPakNY7 architecture
This made a narrower space for this bathroom.
FlatPakNY9 architecture
Outside the dining end of the main room downstairs, you can see how the “concrete” module looks across the porch. This forms the front entrance area, the front door is to the far left in this picture.

FlatPakNY8 architecture
When the module size is strictly restricted, and an effort made to work with it, and make it work for living in, I think it can be done well. It can give a sense of a peaceful rhythmic procession, as in traditional Japanese architecture.

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2 Comments so far to “Prefab Modules from FlatPak Enable Do-it-Yourself Design”
  1. Lightopia Says:

    That is a fantastic way to go prefab. Quick to build but still custom. I love it.

  2. designer furniture Says:

    This house looks amazing. The designs are so slick and contemporary. I also really like the amount of natural light that is created from the large windows and the modern designs of the furniture.
    Thanks for the pictures

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