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S-Shaped Facade to the L23 House by Pitagoras Arquitectos

l231 architecture

The L23 House from Pitagoras Arquitectos is supported within an arresting S shape which tucks back underneath to create two decks.

l233 architecture

Along the front of the space, the S shape creates a narrow roofed deck – or long pavilion – on the grass.

l232 architecture

From the upper deck, you can look through this long narrow roofed deck set on the grass, framing the view of rolling hills beyond.

l234 architecture

The drama of this curtained courtyard of grass is easily created.

Only the narrow deck defines the large courtyard space.

l2312 architecture

The bold and arresting S shape starts by enclosing the house, but continues out to define the roofed deck.

l236 architecture

The outdoor curtained pavilion/deck defines the limits of a giant outdoor room, extending the interior.

l2310 architecture

The narrow house means that windows can be on both sides of rooms.

l237 architecture

A clean cut bathroom offers a vast overview towards distant mountains.

l239 architecture

A well organized lap pool in the ground floor keeps the inhabitants fit.

l238 architecture

Yet, even in the sleek modern interior there is something there of the past.

l2311 architecture

The house is set in Guimaraes, in the northern part of Portugal.

l235 architecture

Its architecture is imbued with references to the somber atmospherics of the region’s history.

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