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Serene L-House from Mathias Klotz

L house7 architecture
Beautifully photographed by Roland Halbe, the newest house from Chilean architect Mathias Klotz is a calming and sophisticated masterpiece of minimalist restraint.

L house5 architecture

Using just the elements of concrete and glass and limestone and wood, together with an almost Japanese sense of space, the house has a serenely unforced quality that is unusual for architecture in these materials.

L house2 architecture

As a result, the house has an ageless quality, that is neither too trendy nor too traditional.

L house4 architecture

Surprisingly, suspended concrete slabs are used to make a trellis that should feel alarmingly weighty for the purpose, yet they are just right, providing a reassuring sense of substantial shelter to the trellis, but without overpowering those shaded by it.

L house6 architecture

In the bedroom/study, cooled by a limestone floor, the juxtaposition of thick slab walls balanced by floor-to-ceiling glass easily conjures a relaxed and elegant space.

L house9 architecture

A minimalist bathroom is dispatched, with beautiful ageless materials and clean bold lines.

L house architecture

A glassed-in gardening room opens out onto a roof terrace that is disarmingly simple and uncomplicated.

L house3 architecture

The roof terrace, that just follows the shape of the house beneath, is a great space to just bask in sunshine, overlooking the limpid pool below.

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