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Shim-Sutcliffe Ravine House Wins Canadian Award

RavineGuestHouse1 architecture
The Ravine House by Toronto-based Shim-Sutcliffe Architects has just won the 2010 Governor General’s Medals in Architecture award.

RavineGuestHouse2 architecture
The jury’s verdict? “The Ravine Guest House is an extremely sophisticated volume blending interior and exterior space.  The use of a reduced material palette is enhanced by the clarity of the structural solution making the clerestory seem to float above the seemingly continuous space.”

RavineGuestHouse3 architecture

The house has a tranquil presence, partly due to the use of such simple clean materials and the dignity of the transition between inside and outside.

RavineGuestHouse4 architecture

Set in a ravine within a lush Canadian landscape, the house exudes calm and peace. A meditative, almost hypnotic quality is created.

RavineGuestHouse5 architectureIn awarding this house the prize, the jury says:

“The materials fit a tense and precise architectonic story that has a great clarity, proving that simplicity is the fruit of a patient and sensitive search for the truth.  In a way, it’s the perfect example of a manifesto for architectural beauty.”

Source: AIA

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5 Comments so far to “Shim-Sutcliffe Ravine House Wins Canadian Award”
  1. Frank Hanlan Says:

    As a Canadian I am embarrassed to see that this house won an architectural award and there is no mention of energy efficiency.

  2. Collin Yballa Says:

    Glad to see ALL Canadians turned green Frank. If you didn't read the description the house won it's award because of it's soul. Something that all architecture is in much need of now adays. Look below or on the site man…

    "The Canadian architects we are honouring have the gift of designing not only buildings, places and monuments, but living spaces that give soul to our cities, villages and communities. Faced with the growing standardization of the urban landscape, we can’t help but recognize their originality, their daring, their vision and their sensibility."

    Her Excellency the Right Honourable
    Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada

  3. Mark Says:

    Perhaps I have become jaded but I don't believe ANY second home, cottage, guest house etc. can be called sustainable or green… and who cares. Those who build them do so because they want them and can afford them. And how much better off is the earth by building a more energy efficient second house? Think about the impact this house will make on the ecological footprint of the world and then think about the oil BP is still leaking into the Gulf.

    Of all the buildings honoured by awards, I like this one best. To Collin's point, it has soul. Well done.

  4. DeepArt Says:

    This house is over detailed; very fussy and irritating to look at. The architects should have gone back to the drawing board before construction and SIMPLIFIED.

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