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Sneak Peek At The Nirvana Apartments, Kemang, Jakarta

nirvana apartments aboday architects 1 architecture

nirvana apartments aboday architects architecture

There’s a new apartment block getting ready to open it’s doors in a month or so. It’s a luxury urban residence called Nirvana situated it Kemang, Jakarta and it is truly spectacular.

The press literature that goes with the launch of this new building explains the collaboration that has taken place to produce the Nirvana building; “These Apartment’s are developed by PT. Asiana Lintas Cipta, helmed by 3 ladies Loemongga Nasoetion, Alifah Abdullah, and Chindar Marzoeki.  Aboday Architects are the architect for the project.”

nirvana apartments aboday architects 6 architecture

The Nirvana project which began in 2006 is due for completion in February 2009 so it is only a few weeks until people will be moving into the apartments.

The building comprises of 64 apartment units the smallest of which will is 180 sqm which is a pretty generous amount of space especially for an Indonesian building. The penthouse is the largest available apartment at 460 sqm.

nirvana apartments aboday architects 5 architecture

The idea behind the building is apparently to evoke a sense of traditional house living but in a high-rise apartment setting;

“The idea behind this development is to elevate landed house living to high rise development, therefore each of the units has a 2.5 meter width balcony along the perimeter, to evoke a garden in a normal landed house.”

But, the team behind Nirvana have gone one step further:

nirvana apartments aboday architects pool architecture

“Furthermore, not only a garden, randomly, some of the corner units are equipped with a 2.5 m width, 10 m long swimming pool, all of them extended beyond the building perimeter, cantilever in the sky. This will be the first kind of a residential building to feature this facility for the individual units.”

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