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Sospiro Canal House – a home that displays art and is art in itself

sospiro1 architecture

A home or a gallery? Whatever you choose it would be correct. Sospiro Canal House by Deborah Berke & Partners Architects is designed to provide enough space for the owner’s rich collection of contemporary art. The 6000sq. f. mansion is situated on a canal, which is perfectly viewed from the parallel terrace. Beside the terrace, the outdoor space of the property features also an outdoor room, two courtyards and a parking spot for a sport-fishing boat. On the inside, Sospiro House is a skillfully made blend of intimate and open spaces, light and textures that allow different kind of art to be displayed the best way possible. Covered with coral stone on the outside and mahogany and stucco on the inside, the canal house looks a bit fortress-like, but it’s a fortress we’d love to live in.

sospiro2 architecture

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