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Sun House by Luca Donner – Let the sunshine in!

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Self-sufficiency is a very popular word nowadays, but how many of the projects that claim to have it can really cover their needs of resources? The Sun House project by architect Luca Donner is a good example of hi-end architecture, designed for smart energy living. The concept lies on the variation of sunlight during the day and in different seasons. Each apartment has integrated photovoltaic panels that can virtually produce enough electricity to cover the building’s needs, and the glass facades provide additional light and warmth. Plus, Sun House can gather not only sun, but also water – rain water is collected through its core to a tank at the base of the tower, so it can be used for everyday necessities. Sun House’s construction is also worth mentioning – it consists of prefabricated modules, assembled on top of each other (by a crane or by a helicopter) around a central core, which bears the building. Viewed from above, the particular modules look like flower petals, lit up by the sun.

sun house2

sun house3

sun house4

sun house5

sun house6

sun house7

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3 Comments so far to “Sun House by Luca Donner – Let the sunshine in!”
  1. Sun House: Pushing the envelope on self-sufficiency | Wisconsin Designer Says:

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  2. lil Says:

    Uh…this looks like a total wreck to me.And it looks like it may collapse anytime.

  3. Peter Says:

    …another sort of complicated object made just of renderings…
    Sun house??? or you use the sun for energy or to look at it…rain water??? there is no sufficient captation area for it…prefabricated modules???how can you connect them i a simple way if they can rotate (for example bath and kitchen water connection)…panels produce enough electricity to cover the building’s needs???i think they not produce enough energy to rotate elements…sustainable architecture is strictly related to the place,weather conditions ecc. ,you can put it everywhere…

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