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  • Thumbnail image of Sun House by Luca Donner – Let the sunshine in!

    Sun House by Luca Donner – Let the sunshine in!

    Self-sufficiency is a very popular word nowadays, but how many of the projects that claim to have it can really cover their needs of resources? The Sun House project by architect Luca Donner is a good example of hi-end architecture, designed for smart energy living. The concept lies on the variation of sunlight during the […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Lau Sun House

    Lau Sun House

    The Lau Sun House was a lengthy project for Studio Kyson, taking 4 years to get completed. Besides that, it has already won many awards and acknowledgements. Built on a tiny awkward location on an inner London site the Lau Sun House is a remarkable home. Even though the home is surrounded on almost all […]

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