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Surreal French Public Building Evokes Magritte

office building saint etienne 1 architecture

A gigantic yellow foyer five stories high dwarfs the small human by the doorway of “La Cite Des Affaires” in Saint-Etienne by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, yet with its childlike and cheery color and goofy windows, the entry is not forbidding or grand.

office building saint etienne 10 architecture

These simultaneously imposing and yet almost comic spaces that all frame various sky views in surrealistic ways are created as ways into a government office building complex.

office building saint etienne 11 architecture

Look at how the sliver of sky from this angle perfectly frames, echoes and reverses the shape of the building seen through the canopy.

saint etienne office building 3 architecture

Here, another void space as real as the volume it contains, creates a gigantic frame for the sky.

Does this remind you of the surreality of Magritte’s art – which is about – ahem – about dealing with faceless bureaucracies?

saint etienne office building 6 architecture

These various entrances, shouting out their accessibility in yellow, are chunks of space boldly carved out of the cube shapes of the buildings.

office building saint etienne 12 architecture

The huge complex creates a city within a city in a town almost six hundred years old.

Cite des Affaires1 architecture

Look back at the old town. Now all the scattered and random-seeming windows are seen to echo the small windows of another time.

saint etienne office building 7 architecture

The yellow is like a bright lining to the tedious grays of glass and concrete of any office building.

office building saint etienne 13 architecture

Getting outside the complex in the Grüner district of Saint-Etienne, you see that it is actually a normal office building color and texture on the outside.

saint etienne office building 9 architecture

Bold contrasting yellow denotes all the ways in.

saint etienne office building 5 architecture

Apart from the visual originality, look at how large that cantilevered section is! What an engineering feat!

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