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Swatt Architects Orr House

orr home architecture

This gorgeous project is an addition and remodel of a 1970’s home featuring a unique shape and all the extras you could possibly want in a modern home. With an ultra modern kitchen and a cantilevered reflective pool, who wouldn’t want to live in the Orr House? The home is full of natural light via the multitude of open windows and layout.

orr home 01 architecture

Built on a steep down-slope, this two story home features a mahogany bridge that spans the length of the home. A large lower level three car garage makes up part of the 1st level which also has a tatami room and a home office. When it comes to home office this is high corporate style Winking.  An upper level stone terrace is shared between the kitchen/dining area and the living area. More about the Orr home can be found at Swatt Architects.

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