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Sweden’s H House Protects Against Nordic Winters

H House1 architecture
This sheltering enclosure echoes the design of this home, which has been laid out in an H shape. Designed to withstand harsh Northern winters near the arctic circle, the H House by Stockholm Architectural firm WRB  keeps its occupants cozy and cheerful through Sweden’s long dark winters.

H House2 architecture
The timeless serenity of this house is very calming. Stones. Water. Fire. Dark. Light.

H House3 architecture
During the long winters the inhabitants are able to remain healthy with exercise in this refined and elegant perfectly placed indoor pool.

H House4 architecture
Stockholm’s archipelago overlooks the ocean. The harsh Nordic summers are brief and for only fleeting enjoyment on the unprotected seaward side of the home’s H shape.

H House52 architecture
The H shape creates two intimate and protected courtyards; one on the ocean side, when the weather is balmy, and the other is protected from the ocean breezes – this interior courtyard on the land side. Stockholm’s WRB Architectural firm has created an inspiring home that is sensitive to its unforgiving environment, creating a sheltered feeling.

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5 Comments so far to “Sweden’s H House Protects Against Nordic Winters”
  1. Patty Kantrowitz Says:

    Just beautiful.

  2. Kari Lønning Says:

    What a beautiful way to enjoy all the available light, from the few hours in winter to the midnight sun in June.

  3. Home Designer Los Angeles Says:

    A seemingly bare house erected with the H shape may look a bit unprotective and uncomforting. With the help however of modern glass architecture, a seemingly bare house will end up as the most comforting and secure house by the ocean. Don't be fooled by the looks of this house, it may seem a little unsturdy and limp, but this house can withstand the strongest gust of ocean breezes any winter season.

  4. Susan Kraemer Says:

    I agree. It does seem like a design that is very appreciative of light.

  5. Artur Parys Says:

    Please send me more details about H House.


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