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The Glamour of Hollywood Revived for Another Gilded Age

This $18 million, 9,000 square foot, luxury mansion designed by European designer Marc Canadell epitomizes the glamour of the movies.
TheNightingaleHouse6 architecture
You can see yourself here, I’m sure.

Here on the lawn, you – along with several dozen partiers – will of course enjoy recent out-takes from your recent movie shoots.

TheNightingaleHouse3 architectureHere, in 9,000 square feet of luxury, you, like the other huge Hollywood stars, will live the good life, overlooking West Hollywood, high above the famous Sunset Strip.
TheNightingaleHouse7 architecture
A propos for Hollywood, a brown leather casting couch will show up in every room.

TheNightingaleHouse4 architecture

It is a house for big parties. Visiting starlets can take a dip right out the living room curtain wall door.

TheNightingaleHouse8 architectureAmong eight bathrooms and five bedrooms, the decor is consistent.

TheNightingaleHouse10 architecture
But the polished black floors and brown leather and the touches of metal have a sad disco coldness. Could it be, that, after all, it is Lonely at the Top?

TheNightingaleHouse9 architecture
The Depression years were the heyday of Hollywood. Americans took their minds off their troubles with a stolen glimpse of glamour at the movies……

TheNightingaleHouse2 architecture
Through the magic of the internet, you too can marvel at such luxury, today too. And today, too, the gap between the rich and poor is once again at one of its highest points in US history.

TheNightingaleHouse1 architecture
So how will all your wood keep such a sheen outdoors? Why, the butler will buff it every week, darling.
TheNightingaleHouse11 architecture

Hooray for Hollywood!

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