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The House that Contains Seven Gardens

7gardens1 architecture

The clients for this house engaged Ikimono Architects to build a house on a tight city lot with no views.

7gardens2 architecture

With three small boys, the clients were after a protected house with privacy in a large vacant lot downtown.

To maximise the small completely surrounded space, it is as much outdoor rooms as indoors.

7gardens9 architecture

The architects solved the problem by creating a one-story house with seven inner courtyards.

7gardens4 architecture

The resulting design is a house with six indoor rooms, most of which look out into seven more outdoor rooms or “gardens.”

7gardens8 architecture

These gardens create multiple views from within the house, making up for the lack of a view out.

7gardens3 architecture

With no windows extending beyond the  house lot, light pours in from above.

7gardens5 architecture

Sparsely furnished in typical Japanese style, the house is a model of restraint.

7gardens7 architecture

Playing with light and shadow, the architects wring the maximum pleasure out of the simple things of life.

A strip of sun on a plain surface.

7gardens0 architecture

One of the “seven gardens” does strain the concept of “a garden” a bit!

But maybe the clients’ boys could let off steam playing a boisterous game of ball safely in this contained space?

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