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The Outstanding Geometry of the Villa Escarpa

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This minimalist gem from architects Mario Martins overlooks the village of Praia da Luz, in the district of Lagos, Algarve, in the South of Portugal.

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The house sits gently upon an exposed concrete support giving the appearance of a house floating above the landscape.

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Its visually stunning lines create a sublime perfection from virtually every angle.

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The social area of the house is open and fluid.

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Thick roofs appear cut from a horizontal volume of white.

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“In a pure and contemporary architectural language,” say the architects, “we created sheltered terraces and courtyards for outside living.”

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The living space offers views to each side; to the distant horizon to the west, and across the body of water to the kitchen to the east.

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The long pool comes right in to transect the working area of the house, with the kitchen to one side, and the living room to the other.

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In this way the house merges with the long water surface dissecting the wide living and kitchen spaces.

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The well organised kitchen boasts sublimely large white expanses for preparing food.

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Four bedrooms are located off a private courtyard at the end of the pool in which the natural light is filtered, creating an intimate and sheltered space.

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Looking out from there, the pool blends with the glass to each side, catapulting you out into the view.

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The spaces are are complimented by terraces that are open to the sun and the sea.

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Villa Escarpa is sited on the crest of a hill with a splendid view which is enhanced by the delicious geometry of its architectonic spaces.

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A truly iconic building.

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