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Think Architecture: the 4 Courtyard Houses

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A curious series of zigs and zags define the elusive shape of the 4 Courtyard Houses by Think Architecture.


Located in Zumikon, Switzerland, the four houses are identical, each wrapped around their own courtyard.


These interior courtyards are modular and private spaces.


The combination of full glass walls and the courtyards creates a series of light-filled spaces.


Each has curiously shaped skylights popped up from their roofs, giving the group a unique identity.

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The bold zig zag design anchors the group.

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Concrete and limestone is finished in two contrasting textures and colours to give definition to the zigzag shapes.

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To get the contrasting textural effect, the grey was admixed with tiny gritty grey stones, while the smooth white stucco is blended with limestone powder for a silky touch.


“The four houses are built up in a modular way,” say the architects. “Identical in the basic conception but mirrored in the common middle and reacting individually to the particular topographic situation.”

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