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Tourism for Those Who Walk: Danes Invent a Hollywood Hotel

The Danes have created a walkable society for themselves. Can they turn Americans into walkers too? Danish design firm BayArch has come up with an improved tourist destination for visitors to Los Angeles.

By taking the iconic Hollywood sign and making it into a destination in itself, from which to take in the panoramic view of LA – perhaps this design for an iconic new hotel would get Americans out of their cars and walking across the front…

…and climbing these simply vast stairways…

…to be rewarded by a panorama in Cinema-scope.

For the most part, the public spaces appear to occupy most of the clear portions of the building, so where are the paying customers to rest after all that walking?

Some suites in the hotel within the hotel are possibly windowless, but perhaps have screens of images of the view? Are the rooms within the letter spaces?

Or perhaps these are windows that appear white on the outside, as part of the letter shapes, but you can see through the walls?

Apparently at least some of the rooms would have windows that look like windows from the inside. At least one customer appears to have paid for a room (albeit with some truly horrible furniture!)

Here she is again in the lobby. But because so much of the hotel is simply walking around open lobby space…

…that you wonder how this hotel would make money.

No bars or restaurants are shown.

Could it be that more rooms are fitted in sideways?

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