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Urban French Remodel Inspired by iPad


Imagine you are in the middle of an Apple store.

6 architecture

Except this pad is your home.

7 architecture

A smooth and softly curvy white stairway ascends three stories and forms the new center of this startling four story French townhouse remodel in La Rochelle.


The glossy remodel  from pad to iPad is by French studio Pierre Antoine Compain.


I love the glass ‘pool’ inset into the center of the space.

8 architecture

Underneath it is an office where the homeowner can work.

Even here the desk is curvy white Corian.


Beyond the stairs on the entry floor is the kitchen.

Cartoonish white stairs set a cyber pace to the private spaces upstairs.


This kitchen continues the iPad feeling with a curved white kitchen island.


Upstairs, the storage is all contained within wraparound cabinetry in a brilliant cherry pink hi-gloss shiny surface.

10 architecture

A curved white platform set in the very top under the skylight suspends the bed at the very top of this space.


This sleeping platform is truly suspended in the air above the stairway.

This sleeping platform at the top is accessed via a different set of stairs.

Not white like everything else, but a perfect spiral of wooden “paddles” set in metal, that is beautifully executed. Like the glossy remodel itself, it’s a seamless whole.

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