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Very Clever House of Stairs in Hakusan, Japan

hakusan fujiwarramuro10 architecture

A very appealing and inventive interior is hidden inside this plain white box in Ishikawa, Japan by Fujiwarramuro Architects.

hakusan fujiwarramuro9 architecture

The client came up with the idea of ​​arraying spaces around a very generous wide staircase in the center of the house, and the architects wring the maximum interest out of this unusual approach.

hakusan fujiwarramuro3 architecture

The central stairway can be seen as a ‘room’ that leads down to the front door, and up to the kitchen, with the TV watching nook in the middle.

hakusan fujiwarramuro111 architecture

The family study area is both focused and yet brilliantly spacious, despite its very economical use of space along one wall.

hakusan fujiwarramuro1 architecture

Wrapping around the next wall, between their homework shelf-room and their sleeping loft above is a comfy hangout.

j architecture

Stair rungs in the comfy hangout lead up to a loft in the skylight, where the kids sleep at the top of this very unusual and appealing house.

hakusan fujiwarramuro2 architecture

From the TV nook, the low slung Japanese-style dining table can be seen as the natural extension of the stairs.

hakusan fujiwarramuro4 architecture

At the top of the stairs, the kitchen work bench meets two extra stairs to one side, to become the raised yet still optionally low-slung dining table.

hakusan fujiwarramuro6 architecture

At night the sense of a relaxing dip on a hillside is created as light fills this well area.

hakusan fujiwarramuro5 architecture

A giant skylight over the central stair lights all of the spaces that surround the central space.

hakusan fujiwarramuro11 architecture

On the 3rd floor, the kitchen overlooks the homework area, across the 2nd floor TV space.

hakusan fujiwarramuro12 architecture

The ground floor has the master bedroom, bath room and study.

Semi-outdoor space under the stairs provides storage for bikes.

hakusan fujiwarramuro8 architecture

These central stairs bypass the master bedroom on the ground floor to the right, leading straight up through the house.

A real house of stairs, incorporating many great ideas.

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