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West Coast Luxury at California’s Laguna Beach

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What an utterly stunning place to drift off to sleep!

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Designed by Horst Architects and Aria Design, the Rockledge Residence in Laguna Beach, California is the ultimate in luxury.

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The architects brief called for a relaxed family beach house where the client could engage family and friends.

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The clifftop dwelling is perched on the rocks high above Laguna Beach with a nearly sheer drop to sea’s edge.

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There is a casual and easy luxury in the design.

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Virtually every room is about enjoying the views and natural surroundings of the site.

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The house and a separate guest house meet around a connected courtyard.

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An outdoor fire brings family and friends together in California’s balmy evenings.

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Sliding, concealed pocket doors bring the ocean

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The boundary between interior and exterior space is dissolved by the wide expanses of  glass.

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The mild coastal climate allows for the seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces.

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A serene bath overlooking the ocean is one of the charms.

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Sunlight leaches into the living spaces warming the surfaces.

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Native, drought-tolerant vegetation make relaxed and tropical landscaping.

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Rockledge is a place of meditation and contemplation, the lure of the ocean and sky.

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Altogether a stunning house in a stunning setting.

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