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A Concrete and Wood Table is a Work of Art

Barefoot Table1 art home decor

For Keelin Kennedy of Barefoot Design, her artisanal pieces are all about connecting with something that is real and has weight; that she can feel and form with her bare hands.

Barefoot Table2 art home decor
“There is a dance between what I can do and what the materials I use naturally do”, she says. “It makes each piece, each pour, exciting and somewhat unpredictable. Like weather. What this means to a final piece may be in its color variation, texture, or hairline cracks”.

Barefoot Table5 art home decor
Every piece, from beginning to end, is hand made. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen for its part. Every inlay of wood or shell or stone is thoughtfully placed.

Barefoot Table3 art home decor
The beauty of the materials speak for themselves.

Barefoot Table4 art home decor
In Kennedy’s one of a kind sinks, tables, counter tops, fireplaces and benches;  she uses only reclaimed wood. Scavenged parts of urban trees that would otherwise be bound for landfill are incorporated into some of her most treasured art pieces for their lasting beauty.

Source: Greenfest

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2 Comments so far to “A Concrete and Wood Table is a Work of Art”
  1. Lightopia Says:

    Beautiful! I wouldn't want to be the one that moves that into the house, but an absolutely astonishing table.

  2. Marco Says:

    That’s an impressive design!
    Their details reminds me one brand I found the other day, Tusse. Their furniture designs are like art pieces: http://www.tusse.pt. Love your Blog! Keep posting!

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