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An Eccentric Skiers Getaway in China – Snow Apartment

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Now here’s a strange sight! And is that… a ski rack?

The Snow Apartment by penda is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China in a famous skiing region north of Beijing.

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Inspired by a melting snowfield in spring, when nature slowly revives from winter and offers a contrast of cold and warm, white and colored, the apartment is entirely white and wood.

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A series of skylights offer the only daylight – as if we really have been buried in a snowdrift.

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The plastered walls of ‘snow’ are suspended just above the floor with brilliant white LED under lighting – further suggesting spring melting.

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To build the soft undulating ‘snow’, local craftsmen hand-plastered over wooden forms.

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By ancient tradition, craftsmen in the north of China are familiar with the exacting techniques required to generate these sorts of handcrafted plaster curves.

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A network of heating pipes is inside the thick plaster and emits a gentle radiant warmth through the thick plaster walls.

These cozily warmed walls of ‘snow’ are enjoyed by the client and his guests after a cold day skiing.

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The layout of this strange folly is on a grid, with the extensive plaster form work attached to the wooden base.

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Most of the bedrooms get some sort of a skylight like melting snow.

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With seven bedrooms and several bathrooms, the very eccentric Snow Apartment provides room for the client and his friends to gather at a ski weekend-getaway that is really quite unique.

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