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Eek! Not Fake Wood Again! (Wait: Piet Hein Eek Does it Right)

Didn’t you just hate all that horrible fake wood wall covering from the ’70s?
Piet Hein Eek1 art home decor
Oh, you weren’t around? Well, take it from me: it was bad.

But, not so fast. Take a look at this fake reclaimed-wood wallpaper from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. Really gorgeous. Wow!
Piet Hein Eek2 art home decor
This gorgeous photo-realist wallpaper might just change your mind.
Piet Hein Eek3 art home decor

I think one reason that it does not offend my sensibilities – apart from being really beautiful of course – is because it is wallpaper.
Piet Hein Eek4 art home decor

Wallpaper is made of (duh) paper, which is in fact also made from trees – just like the wood that it depicts.

For this reason it does not seem in the least like ersatz wood, but almost like a new kind of wood scrapings…
Piet Hein Eek5 art home decor

I love that it is a “lifesize” depiction.
Piet Hein Eek6 art home decor

I also like the way it immortalizes this particular wood. These particular planks, these particular scrapes, and dings, and dents. It is almost like a commemoration.
Piet Hein Eek7 art home decor

The last time I was tempted to pick wallpaper was when I was 13 and allowed to run wild and redecorate my bedroom (I turned it a hellish orange).

It has been quite a while since I’ve been so tempted!

Via designboom

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  1. Floor Cabinets Says:

    Blehh, I used to hate that fake wood in my parents house. Nice to see it in a different light

  2. Deborah Wall Says:

    Fake wallpaper sounds bad – looks amazing

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