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Glassdecor Makes Trompe l’oeil Mosaic Tiles

GlassDecor1 art home decor
Here’s an interesting technology from Spanish company Glass Decor – used to create trompe l’oeil glass mosaic bathroom tiles using photography.

GlassDecor2 art home decor
The tiles apparently are hardy enough so they can be used to make both floors for showers or bathrooms, as well as walls.

GlassDecor4 art home decor
The mosaic image could be created from a photograph of anything at all. Of course, it is not restricted to photography. It can be a sketch of something. An old masterpiece reproduction. The Bayeux Tapestry? Da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks?

GlassDecor5 art home decor
Or it could be a two dimensional design of any sort. Or a simple gradiant tint, suggesting the light of a morning sky.

GlassDecor3 art home decor
Of course there’s plenty of opportunity for this sort of design to fall within a genre of real kitsch, but under controlled conditions, this could look rather unique.

Source: Designgid

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