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Sink Seems Like a Natural Formation Created Over Eons

Rios art home decor
This interesting sink looks as if it is a natural formation. It is reminiscent of oyster shells… or shale rock formation that is occurring over eons… but it’s cast in bronze, which of course does not occur in nature over vast stretches of time; nature doesn’t make bronze.

Only we humans have been smelting and casting bronze, and only since about Cleopatra’s time.

It is part of a new Santa Fe collection by mundane sink maker Domain Industries, and is a breakthrough in novel and beautiful design. I wonder how this will do for them… it is their Rios Sink.

It would be interesting to set one of these into a bronze counter top and cabinet face so that it calls into question the internal material of the entire cabinet. Is it all “shale” formation all the way through?

Source: Yanko Design

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