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Spice up Your TV Wall With These Design Ideas

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A sleek, modern, wall-mounted TV is the center of attention in most American rumpus and family rooms. But, your brand-new flat-screen doesn’t need to be the only focus of your room. Whether you surround your TV with framed pictures to create your own gallery wall, perch it on that unique thrift-store find or set it off with accessories, here are some creative ways to turn your TV wall into a real conversation piece.

Build Your Own Art Gallery

Gallery walls are all the rage, and they make an easy and striking way to set off your TV wall. Go for a clean, polished, black-and-white look by painting around your gallery wall and using white frames for your pictures. Use the same size frames and mattes for a more streamlined appearance, and line your frames up carefully, like this blogger does.

Alternatively, you could go for a more eclectic look with frames of different sizes, colors and even shapes. Wondering how to create that tied-together look that takes your cluster of pictures from hectic to heavenly? Maintain even spacing between each piece (including the TV — remember, your TV is the centerpiece of this arrangement), and stick to a simple color palette for your frames. If you’re using different-sized frames, stick to the same matte size to give everything a unified appearance. Stagger your pieces and throw in a few framed photos for that splash of personality. Don’t be afraid to choose pieces with lots of color.

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Install Some Shelves

Just because you have a wall-mount TV doesn’t mean you have to mount it on the wall. You can install some industrial shelves or even built-ins to give you a place to put your TV without going through the hassle of hanging it from the wall. Use the shelves around your TV to display framed photos and art, attractive books, dried flowers or potted plants, sculptures and other decorative elements to tie the wall together.

Of course, you can both mount your TV on the wall and use shelves as a decorative element around it. Place a few floating shelves or shadow boxes around the TV and use them to display colorful decorative items. When installing floating shelves, the trick is to pretend they’re one piece. You wouldn’t have a random shelf jutting out of the side of your bookcase or built-ins, and you shouldn’t see that kind of effect when you’re done installing floating shelves, either. Align your shelves in a square or rectangle shape, or arrange them asymmetrically above and beside the TV. If you go this route, make sure you install the TV first; whether you end up using a Los Angeles TV mounting service or doing the job yourself, it’ll be easier to hang the shelves if the TV is already up and easier to hang the TV if the shelves are not.

Hide It

One of the biggest drawbacks of hanging a TV on the wall is that it doesn’t look very interesting when you’re not watching it. You could turn your TV into a digital picture frame or work of art, or maybe you want to downplay the significance of TV to your household by hiding the screen behind a mirror, large framed piece of (analog) art or even a curtain. Hang your TV inside the lid of a chest or repurpose an old wardrobe into a trendy TV cabinet. That way, you can put your TV away when you’re not using it — and when your hipster friends come over, you can pretend you don’t even own one.

Frame It

If you don’t want to turn your TV into a digital picture frame, you can still showcase it as a work of art — by hanging an actual picture frame around it. A wooden frame can bring some character to your TV wall, and it’s a great way to blend your TV into a gallery wall. Break out the paints and get creative; paint your TV frame silver or gold or some other color that matches your gallery wall or room décor color scheme.

Today’s wall-mounted, flat-screen TVs can be massive, but you can hide them in plain sight by seamlessly blending them into your décor. The space on the wall around your TV is free real estate — don’t be afraid to add decorative elements to tie your room together.

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