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Yellow Goat Design – packed with bright new decor options

yellowgoat1 art home decor

The latest additions to Yellow Goat’s breathtaking catalog continue the brand’s original, innovatory and most of all spectacular product line, consisting of designer lighting, architectural wall paneling and screening. Wall panels and screens are made using a new concept and technology, called by the company “3D” and “3Dr”. 3D is realized by etching around the pattern to a depth of approximately 3mm, and 3Dr is actually a “negative”, reversed 3D, whose very patterns are made by etching. Both methods create fantastic effects on screens, so feast your eyes:

yellowgoat12 art home decor

yellowgoat2 art home decor

yellowgoat3 art home decor

yellowgoat4 art home decor

yellowgoat5 art home decor

yellowgoat6 art home decor

yellowgoat7 art home decor

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