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Balena 8000

balena 8000 bed bath

Upgrade your home toilet with a new Balena 8000. The electronic bidet will keep you refreshed and clean with every visit. It operates with the touch of a button and has memory functions for up to 4 users. The Balena 8000 is a wall mounted bidet toilet built for ultimate comfort. With the touch of a button the shower arm extends and creates a soft warm stream of water that gradually turns cool to seal pores and stimulate blood circulation. After the refreshing shower the dryer comes on and gently dries leaving you with a clean fresh feeling.

balena 8000 closeup bed bath

Hygiene is guaranteed with the Balena, for you and the product. After each use the nozzle is cleaned with a mixture of disinfectant solution and water. Leave feeling and knowing that you are clean and comfortable. Additional features are pulsating and oscillating sprays and it comes with a remote control for easy operation. You can find more bidets at Brondell Bidet.

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