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Beignet: Futuristic Bathtub by Spiritual Mode

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There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bathtub after a long exhausting day. Spiritual Mode decided to make this daily ritual even better by creating the futuristic Beignet bathtub. The sci-fi tub pleases the eye with its circular shape and shiny hi-tech details.The two strangely designed metal parts are in fact the taps that fill the tub, while the nozzles on the tub’s base provide a gentle rejuvenating water massage. On the pictures we see also another product by Spiritual Mode – the illuminated shower, that can make your bathroom even more Star Trek-like. We are sure both hi-tech maniacs and luxury addicts will love this modern bathtub.

spiritual mode tub 1

spiritual mode tub 2

spiritual mode tub 3

spiritual mode tub 4

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3 Comments so far to “Beignet: Futuristic Bathtub by Spiritual Mode”
  1. BlueBath Says:

    Two Thumbs Up for the spiritual concept……

  2. Marcus Alan Cherry Says:

    ooh, does it come in black?

  3. The day in Shorts | Views on Life Says:

    […] Santa. Please get me this […]

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