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Charming New Take on The Loft Bedroom

Suspended Bedroom1 bed bath
Back in the dawn of time, when we lived in New York City; the loft bedroom was de rigeur. It was so easy to build them in those high-ceilinged warehouse spaces and they were good for keeping open space.  Now, for modern urban apartments it’s even more important to save space and keep all the possible daylight available to bounce off the walls of your space to maximize energy efficiency… but who wants to sleep in what has become a cliche?

So here is a welcome brand new take on the loft bedroom. Simply hang a bed space out from the ceiling like a movie wall for hanging art or projecting a movie onto. Or leave it blank. Either way, this looks great.

Suspended Bedroom night bed bath
At night this simple sleeping space has a romantic serenity that succeeds in keeping it separate from the doings of the day. French architects Emmanuel Combarel & Dominique Marrec came up with this clever strategy for a completely open and spacious yet private and encompassing bedroom.

Source: CubeMe

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  1. Dave Says:

    Brilliant use of space.

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