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Innovations Sleeping System by Hulsta

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Sleep in comfort with Hulsta. Hulsta’s Innovations Sleeping System combine the new DOT-FLEX adjustable slatted bases with luxurious mattresses, both utilize their latest manufacturing technologies. The slatted bases ensure exact body support and the ability to adjust the angle at which you lay. They are available in various versions and sizes, depending on their width and either one or two slatted bases. 

slatted bed bed bath

Their Boxsprings offer the same comfort and relaxation you receive from luxury hotels. You can choose a steel sprung or foam mattress and each have a life expectancy of 8-10 years. Hulsta recommends the foam mattress be used with the slatted bases.  Help melt the daily stress away with the Innovations Sleeping System, find out more at Hulsta.

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  1. Tim Wood Says:

    This excellent sleep system is regarded by those in the know asa among the best in the world – available in Adelaide, South Australia at Transforma

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