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Käsch Overflow Wish Bath

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A bath has never felt so fun as when you get the Wish bath from Käsch. The Wish is an overflow bath that sits flush with the floor. This makes it stunning and interesting. With the flat water spout, it gives off the relaxing sound of a waterfall, as it trickles into the bath. The biggest noticeable difference with an Overflow and the standard bath is that the overflow baths flows over the top of the bath, whereas with standards the water is restricted to stay within the tub. The opening that surrounds the bath catches the overflow and redirects it.

Käsch made this type specifically to make you feel at one with nature. The waterfall sound will give the illusion of bathing in a beautiful outdoor setting. Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds with the Wish Overflow Bath by Käsch.

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3 Comments so far to “Käsch Overflow Wish Bath”
  1. bethel Says:

    what a beautiful tub

  2. M48 Says:

    i want this in my house!! seems so relaxing!

  3. Winning Startups Says:

    I’m not one for modern architecture normally but I LOVE this bathtub. I’ve never seen anything like it and find this fascinating. I want one!!!Found you through Blogging Idol. Good luck to you!

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