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Minimalist Bathrooms: The Duravit PuraVida Bathtub

duravit puravida bathtub 1 bed bath

Following the minimalist trend these days, the latest Duravit PuraVida bathtub manages to stand out and reflect the elegant spirit and the groundbreaking design. A modern take on luxury with completely subtle flowing lines and some geometry inspiration , the elegant bathtub comes with a softly outside and a spacious gently molded interior. Designed in collaboration with fixture manufacturer Hansgrohe and Phoenix Design, the exquisite bathtub manages to trigger new emotions we haven’t been used with. Soft and pure, with a natural form, it definitely looks like the perfect place to sink after a long day at the office.

duravit puravida bathtub 2 bed bath

duravit puravida bathtub 3 bed bath

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One comment so far to “Minimalist Bathrooms: The Duravit PuraVida Bathtub”
  1. Ocean Bathrooms Says:

    A beautiful bath that epitomises the Duravit brand. We hope to have one of these in our showroom soon so that customers can see it for themselves.

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