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A Jungle Resort Near the Mayan ruins in Belize

130 architecture

The Ka‘ana Belize is a charming and unpretentious old-world resort near some of the greatest treasures of the Mayan empire in Belize.

212 architecture

The uncomplicated design includes elements with some of the solidity and mass of the Mayan culture.

1010 architecture

Its symmetrical courtyard arrangement also evokes the historic Mayan mysteries.

310 architecture

Wide grassy savannahs can be glimpsed through the walls of this somnolent retreat.

611 architecture

The Western Belize site provides an upscale outpost for exploring the ruins of an exotic culture, yet from within their very midst.

410 architecture

The small luxury resort boasts handcrafted items like this unique rusty lampshade.

511 architecture

Weighty sinks are carved from thick stone reminiscent of the sculptures of the Maya.

1212 architecture

Even the plainer sinks have the air of ancient Mayan artefacts.

1113 architecture

Other handcrafted sculptural pieces are casually dotted around the grounds. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Open Japanese Garden Pavilion Like a Child’s Drawing

515 architecture

From mA-style architects comes an interesting garden house next to the client’s main house.

With its square white base and steeply angled wooden roof, it is almost a child’s drawing of the perfect house.

150 architecture

The front is completely open to the air, so it is more of a pavilion than a building.

1014 architecture

With what seems like a completely just-stroll-in entry at the side, the space seems strangely undefended for a structure in an urban neighbourhood.

715 architecture

But in fact, not seen from inside, sliding doors along the outside wall can actually close off the space.

1215 architecture

A corridor connects it to the main house.

1117 architecture

Little study nooks dot the length of the new building.

A homework retreat for several children?

216 architecture

The pavilion is a pleasingly proportioned combination of white room-height walls, with a pitched wooden roof creating a triangular window at each end letting in air and light. Read the rest of this entry »

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Design Dilemma: The Virtues of a Patterned Rug

modern living room how to tips advice

A patterned rug scares a lot of people. It’s a commitment, a statement, something to regret in a few months time.

And here’s where we differ from the common point of view: To our mind, there’s nothing more “right” for most interiors and here’s why:

1) Since most people choose solid larger furnishings, like sofas and chairs, patterns give a room a needed pop of interest.
2) Patterned rugs can tie disparate elements together in a way that a solid rug can’t.
3) Patterned rugs are more practical for those with kids and pets. They hide stains masterfully, as well as normal dirt and grime.
4) They can singularly project whatever style you’re hoping to accomplish in one fell swoop— sophisticated, whimsical, traditional, tribal.
5) They’re fun!

Don’t believe us, just take a look.

Imagine how boring this living room would look without the patterned rug. Beige walls, beige sofas, solid drapes. A neutral pattern maintains the soothing ethos of the room while still spicing things up quite a bit.


modern living room how to tips advice

Here’s another room, a dining room, that gets a major style boost with a graphic black and white rug. The rug is perfect under a table, because the pattern will help hide spills.

eclectic dining room how to tips advice

The patterned rug in the interior below helps to tie together the whole room — the cream sofa, the blue walls and the brown chair.

contemporary living room how to tips advice

Okay, so if we’ve convinced you, you may be asking yourself how to choose the best patterned rug for your interior.

  • First, above all else, you need to evaluate the feel you are hoping for. For example, let’s say you have a modern style that you’d like to feel “timeless.” Think about adding a Persian rug to your interior.
modern dining room how to tips advice

See how the dual Oriental rugs in a modern interior provide the space with a classic feel? Here’s another example:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

Or, let’s say you have the opposite situation — a very traditional interior that you’d like to give a modern flare.

Below, this leopard print rug in this traditional interior is totally unexpected. It takes a room which would have seemed traditionally “safe” and gives it a funky, modern feel.

eclectic living room how to tips advice

Eclectic Living Room by Newport Coast Interior Designers & Decorators The Troop Group

Below, a bold graphic rug takes fairly traditional furniture  into “modern primitive” territory.

contemporary living room how to tips advice
  • After you’ve decided on the feel you’re after, think about the colors in your room. Choose a pattern that picks up on those. Below, black and white is the theme.
home design how to tips advice

And here, the red of the chairs and the dark panel at the base of the curtains is picked up in the rug.:

contemporary living room how to tips advice
  • Avoid the trends, or use them in smaller doses. One reason many folks are suspicious of patterns is that patterns are inherently trendy. Remember the psychedelic prints of the 60s that later fell out of favor?  Who wants to sink a lot of money into a patterned rug that will be considered miserably out of style in a year or two? For that reason, whether you’re looking for a modern rug or a traditional rug,  stick to classic patterns that  have withstood the test of time.  Oriental rugs, stripes, tribal patterns found in kilims are always a safe bet. When you see a lot of a type of pattern — the much vaunted chevron rug for example — know that this pattern is likely to fall out of favor relatively soon. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy a chevron rug, but you may want to use this pattern for a smaller rug that might easily be changed in a few years.

Below is a chevron rug that looks great, especially when combined with the patterned wallpaper.  The design vision in this room seems clear enough that the rug will hold its own as it clearly reflects the homeowners personality. But be aware that in a lesser context, chevron is likely to  seem passe in a few years time. If you get a chevron rug, it should absolutely work in your interior and you should love it!

craftsman living room how to tips advice

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The Purism of DOMO By Minimum Arquitectura

514 architecture

Minimum Arquitectura designed this purist masterpiece that celebrates the blue skies of the mediterranean.

813 architecture

Huge volumes of architectonic space are carved out by generous white ‘air frames’.

215 architecture

Chunky white blocks frame the sky above a cube-shaped courtyard.

413 architecture

Another plant-filled courtyard, recessed into the building, can be partitioned off by a sliding glass wall when it rains.

313 architecture

Black slate flooring throughout has a thermal sink effect; soaking up the heat of the sun by day, and releasing it to warm the house by night.

714 architecture

One large frame encases both exterior and interior rooms.

1013 architecture

In the spacing of the columns, the entrance – from the back – is reminiscent of once symmetrical Roman ruins that can be found in the region.

1116 architecture

A sublimely simple bath set into the floor is the very image of total relaxation. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Elegant Minimalism of Germany’s House P

64 architecture

House P by Philipp Architekten seems braced as if against the distant view across Waldenburg, Germany.

74 architecture

It is almost as if the building is a dragon about to chomp up this incredible landscape.

54 architecture

The house gazes out over a horizon that seems to stretch to the ends of the earth.

104 architecture

Setting a solid yet airy minimalist tone overlooking this view, great slabs of white limestone create a dining table in the view space.

31 architecture

The front of the house appears to float above the ‘dragons teeth’ at the front of the house.

Its bulk seems to be supported only by a wooden central core within.

94 architecture


This wooden core at the front of the house contains the kitchen like a booth in a mall.

44 architecture

This cube, completely panelled with elm wood, is a key element inside the glass box front.

191 architecture

The back of the booth contains the staircase to the private rooms upstairs.

171 architecture

Upstairs, the master bedroom is surrounded by clean white light.

113 architecture

The minimalism in the parents’ bathroom is a natural extension of the Germanic distaste for fuss and bother. Read the rest of this entry »