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A Magical Dream Resort on Xálima Island

11 architecture

Daniel Martin Ferrero, principal of Martin Ferrero Architecture, designed the dreamlike Xálima Island House.


Ferrero created the astonishing render as “a poem to the horizon framed by the sea.”


The building sits atop a rocky cliff on an imaginary island created by the artist.


The atmospherics are extraordinary.


The incredible renders of the impossible structure suggest a future in sci fi movies.


Perhaps a Shangri La set for a new James Cameron movie.


The design is just totally over the top… a sort of all-out fantasy architecture.


A video that swirls you on an amazing tour through the entire place can be seen on Youtube.


Every spot is set to stun.


Each of its fantastical places are almost realer than real.

An over-the-top fantasy architecture full of a surfeit of incredible spaces.

What fun.

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Design Dilemma: 5 Ways to Up Your Home’s Cozy Factor for Winter

contemporary family room how to tips advice

As we move into chillier, darker, shorter days, we naturally start considering ways to make home feel warmer, cozier, more comfortable. And cozy, in our opinion, has everything to do with comfortable surfaces to curl up on, as well as softer textures and textiles everywhere to soften hard edges. The idea is to create a nice, fur-lined box for icy winter days. So here’s what’s on our wishlist this winter:

1. A  big comfy sectional.

Nothing is better at breaking that winter chill then having a large, comfy couch to curl up on. One, of course, that is large enough to accommodate several people! Sectionals like the ones above and below perform a number of functions that can improve the cozy factor of a room. In a large space where a couch must float, a sectional can provide room definition. It can also help fill up a large space without inducing a feeling of clutter. Sectionals are also the most comfortable way to sprawl out before the TV, a roaring fire, or to curl up with a good book. Add plenty of pillows and a nice warm throw, and you’re all set for the coldest, bleakest days!

traditional family room how to tips advice

2. A rug in the kitchen. Normally, rugs in kitchens seem kind of superfluous. What do you do when you inevitably spill a pot of spaghetti sauce? And yet, we’re willing to suspend our suspicion for the coldest, darkest months of the year.  There is truly something appealing about the sense of warmth, color and texture that a rug can give a very practical, and often very sterile, space. Take a look at the examples below:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

The oriental rugs above and below add elegance and warmth to all-white looks that would otherwise feel cold.

transitional kitchen how to tips advice
transitional kitchen how to tips advice

3. Good lighting. Imperative to a cozy home is good lighting. And this doesn’t necessarily mean only bright lights — rather it means lighting that can perform a number of functions, from task lighting to mood lighting to general room lighting. Your home should have it all, and in winter, there should be an emphasis on mood lighting that can create an intimate atmosphere.

contemporary exterior how to tips advice

The Philadelphia rowhouse above and below is a perfect example. Recessed lights perform the general lighting function, but can be dimmed to soften the atmosphere when required. A pendant over the dining table and over the kitchen island serve as lighting for meals, and can also be dimmed or brightened, depending on what’s required. They also provide a sculptural feel that is beautiful to look at, even when the lights are not in use.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

Remember, lighting can extend beyond just overhead lights and reading lamps. Lighting artwork instantly provides a room with atmosphere.

contemporary living room how to tips advice

4. Plenty of sheepskin. Nothing feels cozier than soft, embracing textures on furniture or floors.

eclectic living room how to tips advice

Bathrooms are a particularly great place for a sheepskin rug.

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

And so are bedrooms!

modern bedroom how to tips advice

5. Add some culture.

Spending a lot of time indoors? Well, you need something to do there! The last important addition for a cozy home includes tons of books.

transitional family room how to tips advice

A large screen TV, or a projector screen that can descend from the ceiling doesn’t hurt!

rustic home theater how to tips advice

Artwork gives you something to look at and reflect on.

contemporary dining room how to tips advice


Are you ready for winter? We say, bring it on!

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Olson Kundig Live-Work Studio in Spain


Seattle-based Olson Kundig Architects has designed the live-work home of a photographer and his family in the Spanish coastal town of Sitges.

In Studio Sitges, Tom Kundig pursues his macho signature; large scale, raw concrete and rusty Corten steel.


The entrance in rusted Corten steel offers a large — or a normal size — entrance.

A huge door pivots on its center while a smaller door pivots inside it.


The inventive and macho door captures the casual energy of this cosmopolitan beach town thirty minutes from Barcelona, and just three blocks from the Mediterranean sea.

Kundig adopts his industrial bohemian material palette, avoiding the cloying local traditions of stucco and tiled roofs.


But a peek through the giant door reveals a reinterpretation of a more local tradition; windows framed in the small black muntins that represented the technical limitations of glass technology in the fourteenth century.


The difference is that these sweet traditional muntin windows are floor-to ceiling walls of glazing and, like the front door, pivot out on giant hinges.

The master bedroom cantilevers out over the garden patio.


Indoor or outdoor dining is an option in the balmy climate, under a cantilevered guest suite.


Down a concrete driving ramp underground are two huge double-height raw concrete spaces designed for the client’s large scale photography studio.


Each detail shows the tough, no nonsense Olson Kundig design signature.


The house is designed vertically with four floors.

Spare furniture in the double height spaces includes restored teak tables and comfortable and unpretentious leather armchairs.

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A Magnificent Porch Renovation on Fire Island

13 architecture

NYC architecture firm Bromley Caldari Architects razed the original front of a small house facing the beach on Fire Island and rebuilt it as a double-height cube containing an air space with hefty framing timbers.


Inside the big macho rough-framed porch is a more delicate internal porch-like space – its delicate bleached color palette suggesting driftwood and pearly shells.


Beyond that, an open plan great room for cooking, eating, reading, talking and hanging out, is also now completely open to the seascape in front of the house.


At the far end is the kitchen, where a side wall of numerous small windows now establish its casually beachly bona fides.


The magnificent renovation is of an unambitious little vacation house; a small, dark box divided into a front and back by a bearing wall/fireplace, with two bedrooms at each end.

Now it is nearly transparent.


Approaching the original back of the house, you can now see the great room and out through the new porch front to catch a glimpse of the sea.

11 architecture

A short barefoot walk at the back of the house now takes you to a painting studio.


What were dark bedrooms at the back have been clad in warm timber and filled with light from a full height parade of windows behind a big soft white bed.


The back yard is now an invitation to paint in the circular studio or lazily lap in its sweet sun-drenched pool.

12 architecture

The site is a wooded, narrow lot on the Great South Bay in the resort community of Fire Island Pines.


Like vacation homes in many now popular beach resorts, the original cottage didn’t do justice to the glorious scenery.

Now it does.

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When Busy Design Works – Arty House with a Staccato Rhythm

111 architecture

There is a tremendous amount of graphic interest in extensive trellis work in this single family renovation by John Grable Architects.

22 architecture

The busy dappling of a retained old oak tree is repeated in shadows on the pool and in an abundance of little trellis outcroppings.

101 architecture

All the arbors and overhangs have the effect of filtering the light and reducing solar gain.

42 architecture

Building on the clients’ and the architect’s shared love of ecologically informed design, heritage oak trees were protected during construction and entirely preserved.

151 architecture

The house is sustainable; powered by solar roof panels, running LED lighting and harvesting grey water for gardening.

32 architecture

The addition is as naturally cross-ventilated as possible in the humid heat of San Antonio, Texas, with entire walls that can be opened up to the breeze.

222 architecture

The new construction was built completely on existing foundations.

62 architecture

Soaring windows in steel framed glass are placed on a steel truss supported by wood-concrete pillar-walls.

51 architecture

The spare use of these three industrial materials informs the aesthetic of the artistic home, which succeeds in balancing innovative technologies with traditional time-proven structural techniques.

72 architecture

The exciting new space was initiated by the renovation of an existing 1948 ranch style building underneath.

112 architecture

All that remains of the original single storey building is now dedicated to the simple ground floor bedrooms.

333 architecture

The new space is both one and two storeys, creating light-filled open spaces dedicated to the social areas of the house, both indoors and outdoors.

91 architecture

An industrial steel tray becomes an artistic and practical outdoor fire pit.

121 architecture

The master bathroom is part of the original house – beautified with a facade of lovely translucent glass tiles and a translucent sink and carefully selected hanging LED lighting.

131 architecture

With the toilet separated from the shower area by a translucent green glass, the pure zen-like spaces are intriguingly daylit only from above by skylights.

81 architecture

A huge open and artistic fireplace has a glass hearth bringing light down into the small dark existing house (possibly over the bathroom sink?)

141 architecture

Wood from the demolition was extensively recycled and reused.

1111 architecture

Not only is the new addition sustainable, but it is an artistically crafted series of naturally beautiful spaces.