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Design Dilemma: Embracing the Tiny Bathroom

Tiny House

Do tiny bathrooms have to be ugly? Somehow, it seems they always are. What’s necessary seems to overtake the aesthetic, and many of us with small bathrooms simply give up on style. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Style can be had! How? Let us count the ways:

1) Try out a stylish claw foot tub. Like the stand alone bathtub above and the old fashioned claw foot tub below, claw foot tubs are long on style and tend to take up less visual space. (And actual space too!)

North Bondi House

And here:

Bathroom with Accent Wall


And here:

My House

2) Add a striking floor. A floor with a distinctive look can add personality and sizzle to a bland space, making you forget all about its diminutive size. Below, a geometric design adds a bit of a 70’s feel to this bathroom.

Park Avenue Renovation

Black and white adds a fresh, funky feeling:

A Modern Family Rowhouse in Kalorama

Pebble floors add personality and an organic, “spa feel” without overwhelming the eye:

Suburban remodel and basement extension

Simple brick floors lend a clean industrial feel:

Prospect Heights Row House

3) Opt for small-scale, cool fixtures.
Bold, black fixtures are like a beautiful punctuation mark at the end of a very compact sentence.

Baby Makes Three

And here, a wall-mounted sink and toilet are great when you’re short on space but longing for style:

Landend Guest Bath

Just a sliver of a sink is functional and striking:

Mesa Contemporary

A contemporary wall-mounted toilet looks like a simple box:

Columbia Street Residence

4) Do something interesting with tile.
If you don’t have a whole lot of wall space to play with, a little slice of an interesting wall treatment goes a long, long way. Below, a small scale red tile is unexpected, eye-catching, and the perfect touch, adding just the right amount of color.

modern cabinetry in tight bathroom

And more here:

Concealed lighting at the backsplash effect

Below, a tiled tub surround adds just the right touch of color and interest:

Elsie Street

Here, classic marble goes contemporary. A basin, stand alone tub and wall-mounted sink help to extend the small bathroom’s spacious feel:

Clapham Family Home

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