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Design Dilemma: 5 Decor Trends On Their Way Out in 2016

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

In our last post, we talked about trends that we expect to remain strong through 2016. Now it’s time to turn our attention to looks and ideas that are fading out of favor. Here are five design trends that will be ebbing away in 2016.


1). Rigorously mid-century modern interiors are out. 

midcentury living room how to tips advice

For a time, we became obsessed with the Mid-Century Modern era, to the point that at times it seemed that nothing but Charles Eames and George Nelson furniture was allowed into our homes.Well, we’ve all become a bit bored by that look. True, in the beginning it was a fresh response to overstuffed, over-cluttered decor, but it eventually became so overused as to become clinically predictable.

What’s in: eclectic interiors that mix eras and styles.
There’s no reason to have our creativity limited to one era when there is so much to choose from!

eclectic living room how to tips advice


2. Overstuffed and over-cluttered decor.

shabby chic style living room how to tips advice

Although we’re loosening up on the Mid-Century look, the truth is that we all have so much access to stuff and distractions that we’re looking to create an island of serenity and tranquility at home. That means we’re letting go of unnecessary baubles and objects and paring down.

What’s in: warm minimalism. We are looking to keep things simple but comforting, with texture, light, wood and special touches.

scandinavian living room how to tips advice b

3. A Predominance of Solids.

traditional living room how to tips advice

Of course solid color fabrics will always remain the basis of decor, but more of us are looking to mix up that look by using patterns in places where we may have once hesitated.

What’s in: Animal prints, tropical prints, ethnic patterns and designs on couches, chairs, rugs and curtains. Just stay away from Chevron!

traditional living room how to tips advice

4. Completely naked windows.

transitional living room how to tips advice

No one wants yards upon yards of fabric hung around windows, collecting dust and blocking sunlight. And yet, the trend in recent years has taken many people in the opposite direction — no curtains or window treatments at all.

What’s in: Minimal, ethereal and organic shades and simple panels that provide privacy and block sun glare without suffocating a room in fabric.

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

5. Mirrored Furnishings.

contemporary home office how to tips advice

For a while, the Hollywood “regency” look took the design world by storm, but we all must have realized that mirrored dressers and bedside tables was not a look that would last.

What’s In: A mix of wooden and metal furniture.

contemporary dining room how to tips advice


Other trends on their way out:

  • Desks in kitchens.
  • Over the range microwaves.
  • Whirlpool bathtubs.
  • Tiled countertops.
  • “Faux” anything.

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Japanese Family’s Privacy Salvaged in Challenging Site


The architect’s job here was clear: wrestle tranquility and privacy from an environment that has neither.


Like so much architecture in overcrowded Japan, the house in Shiga, Japan is in an unpromising site.


So ALTS Design Office hide a peaceful and private space within a blend-in ugly exterior.

8 architecture

The childrens’ high bedroom windows upstairs are seen in the parking lot, but no hint is given that that is what they are.


Anything less banal on the outside would pierce the privacy of the family hiding their home in clear site on a parking lot.


The boring wall to the parking lot is the key to the design.


To gain peace and privacy, the architects arranged an exclusive path extended in along the front of the house.


A skylight outside, behind the parking lot wall brings daylight but not rain to this briefest of exterior views.


“This way “we gave importance to design the outside space in inside space and produced diverse and interesting space,” say the architects.


The interior blends so seamlessly into the exterior that the ground floor doesn’t feel at all claustrophobic.


And once in the anonymous public realm, no hint is given that family life goes on inside.


The zen placement of the rocks is just perfect.

7 architecture

“We didn’t separate into inside and outside of house simply, and designed the outside space in inside space,” say the architects. “By doing so, we brought a feeling of strangeness in a good sense.”


Only in Japan could the zen sensibility of Japanese architecture work the magic needed!

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Design Dilemma: 5 Decor Trends for 2016

penthouse apartment olga akulova 12 how to tips advice


Every new year, just after the ball drops in Times Square, we begin to assess what’s come and what’s gone. What’s gone? Well, we’ll get to that next time around. For right now, we’re focusing on what’s to come,  that is, the cool, hot and trending looks for the new year. Although design trends tend to move more slowly than fashion trends, there are a few real changes to look  forward to in 2016. Shall we commence?



shabby chic style living room how to tips advice

Once a color reserved solely for little girl’s rooms, pink is splashing out everywhere into all sort of grown up places. It can work as a vibrant, unexpected play in a traditional living room, as seen above, or as an unexpectedly warm move in a streamlined modern kitchen, as below. Where ever it is, what makes pink such an interesting choice is that it is a warm, embracing color that is definitely not a cliche. Pink promises to provide a whole lot of interesting new looks for the new year.


contemporary kitchen how to tips advice


Below, a pink textured rug is just what a bedroom with an industrial vibe needs to ruffle a few feathers:

modern bedroom how to tips advice

And finally, two softly pink chairs take a simple Scandinavian room to a whole new level:

scandinavian living room how to tips advice

2. Copper is in.

contemporary exterior how to tips advice

Be it outdoors, as in the chimney covering above, or be it indoors, as in a backsplash, copper and other warm metals such as brass and gold, are all the rage. If you want to incorporate this trend into your own digs, look for copper pendant lamps (as the lamp in the photo that begins this post), copper table and floor lamps, copper sinks, and copper accessories.

contemporary home bar how to tips advice

Below, copper pendant lamps are luminous, beautiful and make a plain white kitchen unforgettable:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

3. Organic shapes and textures.

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

This one has been a trend now for several years. People want nature a connection to nature in our high tech age, and look for it by bringing organic shapes and textures into the home. Below, a live-edged table makes an otherwise sober Washington D.C. dining room.

transitional dining room how to tips advice


The wooden stools below add just the warm touch to a modern, industrial kitchen.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

4. Lush nature, indoors.

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

This trend is really part of the increased interest in organic materials at home. Plants are vibrant, organic, living things that can improve the air quality in our homes and send us healing, restorative vibes. Hence walls of living plants seem to be popping up anywhere, as in the bathroom above.

Below, a live plant courtyard wall:

contemporary landscape how to tips advice

And below, a bedroom cleverly incorporates the trend by creating a painting out of living plants:

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

5. A Tropical Twist.

tropical bedroom how to tips advice

There’s definitely a theme going this year: nature, in all it’s glory. And nowhere can nature be found in more abundance than the tropics. Perhaps for this reason, we are seeing the increasing use of tropical motifs in prints, fabrics, wallpapers and in theme designs as a whole.

A banquette gets in on the tropical action:

tropical kitchen how to tips advice

Here, a palm frond wallpaper gives this bedroom some pep.

transitional bedroom how to tips advice

The entryway below goes tropical with the help of a vivid floral rug and a flamingo painting:

modern entry how to tips advice

What are some other trends spotted for 2016?

  • Animal prints and ethnic prints are still going strong.
  • Floral fabrics are back.
  • Retro geometrics and pastels will be big in wallpaper.
  • More practicality, less froth in decorating. Practical fabrics will be used on bold, glamorous furniture shapes.
  • Less will still be considered more.