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Design Dilemma: Ideas for Upscaling the Bathroom

traditional bathroom how to tips advice

Got a mundane bathroom that you’d like to make feel a little more special? It’s possible to give a run-of-the-mill water closet a bit of that spa feeling, just by making a few relatively simple changes. Here are a few ideas:

1) Extend the tile from floor to ceiling.

Nothing feels more luxurious than having tile run all the way from floor to ceiling. It’s a polished look that will give your bathroom instant class. Witness the photos both above and below.


eclectic bathroom how to tips advice


And here:

industrial bathroom how to tips advice

And here:

eclectic bathroom how to tips advice

2. Trade in the shower curtain for clear glass. To be sure, a plain old shower curtain has certain advantages. It’s easy to clean, easy to change out when it gets too filled with mold and mildew, and it’s inexpensive. Glass can present more challenges in terms of cleaning and cost. And yet, something about a clear glass panel shower surround exudes a feeling of luxury. See below:

eclectic bathroom how to tips advice

And here:

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

>3) Add a cool custom feature. The glass bathtub, below, will suffice!

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

4) Consider larger tiles. Longer, larger slabs of travertine, marble or stone feel very upscale but even a larger size white subway tile connotes sophisticated style. For example:

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

And this:

modern bathroom how to tips advice

And this:

modern bathroom how to tips advice

5.) Add a large mirror. A large mirror can make a small bathroom feel larger, by visually tricking the eye into thinking the room extends out further than it does. It also bounces light around the room, which also helps it to feel brighter. And if you can’t afford to tile a large expanse of wall, a mirror can be a cheaper alternative to achieving that finished feel. Take a look:

transitional bathroom how to tips advice

And this:

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

And this:

modern bathroom how to tips advice

So there you have it. A few simple changes can quickly move your bathroom from mundane to marvelous. Add fluffy white towels, fresh flowers, deluxe soap and you’ll feel like you’re on a spa retreat each time you step into your bathroom!

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A Glass House within A Rhythmic Modular Frame

110 architecture

A bold series of steel frames marches the length of this house, and is intercepted by concrete stairs to an outdoor living platform.

31 architecture

Modular too is its entry – that takes you through an unusual equestrian height door (like in old Spanish enclosed Hacienda courtyards entered on hordseback) into a double height vestibule.

41 architecture

By Foursquare Builders, this Texas home has a style all its own.

2 architecture

The house successfully blends the busiest of antique oriental rugs with the scrupulous simplicity of utterly minimal glass and steel to contain a shelter in its woodland setting.

71 architecture

Some of the antique furnishings work less well in the minimal and modern design of the house, like this lamp.

61 architecture

But that is what makes the creation of architectural design so interesting.

Clients are all different, with different hopes and desires, and making all these very different dreams come true is the work of architecture.

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Transparent Dutch Hat like a Tent Roof Anchors a Holiday House

113 architecture

An intriguing Origami-like tent roof folds at an angle over a breezy vacation home that is nearly all outdoor “rooms.”

24 architecture

Cincopatasalgato Arquitectura designed the unusual house on the outskirts of the capital city of the Latin American country of El Salvadore.

34 architecture

Concrete steps take you up to a concrete deck that acts as a ground floor for the house.

The transparent material of the roof overhang is unknown.

44 architecture

A pool is set into this concrete deck, creating a true focal point in the dry mountainous setting.

74 architecture

Under the overhanging roof, every room is a boxy modular series of contained spaces, whether indoors or out.

The living room can be completely open air, with sliding glazing that opens fully.

64 architecture

A more fully glazed module is the master bedroom, offering views on three sides.

83 architecture

The giant overhang shades and cools the second-floor pool from midday through the long hot afternoons.

102 architecture

This pool is also the first to greet the morning sun on the concrete deck that houses a series of small green roofs.

Here the living room is seen above the outdoor dining pavilion.

53 architecture

The repetition of squares of green roof/blue pool/green roof echo the modular rooms above.

11111 architecture

Viewed from anywhere, each room or outdoor space has its own little “box” to itself, reminiscent of Montreal’s Habitat 67 apartment complex.

An odd and memorable place.

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A Retro Little Townhouse in Sydney

25 architecture

There is a youthful energy to this cheerful townhouse in downtown Sydney.

115 architecture

You enter through a dining room with a feeling of a ’50s ice cream parlor.

35 architecture

The little pool is a friendly presence right in the kitchen.

45 architecture

A chipper little black spiral staircase supplies access straight up to a viewing roof.

84 architecture

A rooftop hangout, casually finished in weathered wood, offers a natural respite from its uber-urban milieu.

75 architecture

Even from the second floor living room, the view is opened out towards the coastline.

92 architecture

This means the townhouse does not feel confined, despite its narrow suburban lot.

65 architecture

The shiny and happy ’50s modern interior continues in a bright and sunny master bath upstairs.

54 architecture

Interesting stairs are custom shaped to wrap a curved inner wall.

103 architecture

The Sydney-based Australian architect Edward Szewczyk designed the beguilingly simple and cheerful house.

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Design Dilemma: The Hotel Suite Design Trend

modern bedroom how to tips advice

There’s been a design trend in the works for several years now — that is the desire to turn our homes into a hotel suite. You see the trend everywhere —hotel style bedsheets and duvet colors, hotel styling of bedrooms, even accoutrements such as coffeemakers and small refrigerators in the bedroom!

What’s behind this desire for the boutique hotel look? Most likely something to do with wanting to feel pampered. Although many of us may be in debt up to our eyeballs with declining wages and job prospects, it’s nice to feel that there’s a safe, luxurious haven at home. It’s a small bit of pleasure, but pleasure nonetheless. And so, if you’re after this look yourself, here are a few suggestions to ramp up into true hotel style.

Consider wall-mounted sconces and wall-mounted bedside tables.

Hotel suites often choose the most efficient mechanisms for furnishing the bedroom. Part of that efficiency comes in simple wall-mounted sconces, that allow for reading in bed or other task lighting, along with wall-mounted bedside tables that allow for increased floor space and easy cleaning. The bedroom above and below is a great example.

modern bedroom how to tips advice

Here’s another example:

modern bedroom how to tips advice

Create zones for relaxing, computer work and TV viewing.

If you want to take your bedroom the full distance, you can take another page out of the boutique hotel playbook: create zones in your room for conversation and relaxation, work on the computer, and for TV viewing. In the Spanish hotel room below in a building designed by Frank Gehry, there’s room for a living area, a study and for sleeping as well.

home design how to tips advice

Here’s another bedroom that does much the same thing:

home design how to tips advice

Invest in a top of the line mattress.

A luxury hotel offers mattresses of the utmost quality and comfort. You’ll need one too if you hope to replicate the look and feel of a hotel suite. Below, a suite at the Mama Shelter in Lyon, France offers free on-demand movies, a refrigerator and a work desk.

home design how to tips advice

Clear the Clutter.

One thing that makes hotel rooms so restful is the lack of clothes heaped on chairs, and books, cups and magazines stacked on dressers and bedside tables. If you want your bedroom to feel more like a hotel, get rid of any trace of clutter that would impede on that peaceful feeling!
Below, check out a clutter free room of a hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland.

home design how to tips advice

Add some mood lighting.

More than any other element, lighting is important to creating a restful mood in your bedroom. Light should come from several sources. For example, wall sconces, general overhead lamps, a reading lamp or table lamp on a desk or bureau. The  hotel suite above makes use of dramatic lighting embedded at the top and bottom of a glass wall that serves as a sort of headboard as well.

Add the extra touches.

So what are the “extras” that make your bedroom feel like more than just a place to crash? How about fresh flowers in vases, extra plump pillows on the bed, plush robes for lounging and a bowl of mints or chocolates at bedside. You may not be able to afford a room at the Ritz, but with a little thought, your own bedroom can feel just as nice!