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The Six Courtyard Houses Project in Tucson

136 architecture

An urban infill project by from Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in Tucson respects the private courtyard-based architectural traditions of the region.

plan architecture

At the heart of each of the Six Courtyard Houses is a private courtyard.

510 architecture

The project is sited in a desert town that is plagued by sprawl and lacking in public transportation.

215 architecture

The architects demonstrate the possibilities for higher density, urban infill desert development that is respectful of time and place.

313 architecture

It takes cues from Tucson’s architectural past; plastered masonry walls, central courtyard, and minimal western exposure.

148 architecture

Each of the six looks out onto its own private courtyard.

813 architecture

The courtyard is a traditional concept long employed in hot arid regions.

913 architecture

But the vernacular tradition is updated in this modern interpretation.

1212 architecture

A gigantic metal door is hinged from a perimeter wall.

1012 architecture

The same internal pivot point is repeated in the entry door.

413 architecture

Bath rooms look onto small private outdoors spaces, giving one the sensation of bathing outdoors

614 architecture

The project is marked by a cool and clean cut aesthetic.

155 architecture

Its tall windows and clerestory windows bring in light in abundance.

715 architecture

While central courtyards, low-rise masonry construction, and thoughtful solar orientation are part of the historical architecture of the region, this project is a new and updated version.

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Wood inspires Fujimoto Inquiry Into the Fundamentals of Shelter

811 art home decor

Located in Kumamoto, Japan, is a curious structure from Sou Fujimoto Architects.

310 art home decor

The unique house is sited in an area of great natural beauty.

130 art home decor

The building looks as artless as a child’s play with blocks.

611 art home decor

According to the architect, it was conceived by just mindlessly stacking 350mm square.

1114 art home decor

Across a rope bridge from some equally curious buildings, the structure seems strangely appropriate.

146 art home decor

At night, it is lit up from within unevenly like a jack’o'lantern

172 art home decor

Its guiding principle was the creation of a harmonious entity before various functions and roles differentiated.

193 art home decor

It is of an existence akin to primitive conditions before architecture.

212 art home decor

The floor levels are relative and spatiality is perceived differently according to one’s position.

57 art home decor

There are no separations of floor, wall, and ceiling.

712 art home decor

A place that one thought was a floor becomes a chair, a ceiling, a wall from various positions.

410 art home decor

Rather than just a new architecture, says the architect, this is a new origin, a new existence.

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A Glamourous Pad on the California Coast

22 architecture

Designed by Jonathan Segal, Lemperle Residence is a striking entertainer’s home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California.

32 architecture

The three-storey structure looks like a series of glass boxes set one atop the the other.

62 architecture

Beautiful custom seating is simply low flat slabs of thick creamy-white cushions.

131 architecture

On the ground floor, the public area includes a glassed-in walkway suggesting a pool.

92 architecture

While atop it on the second floor the master bedroom overlooks the ocean from above.

72 architecture

A must for any luxury master suite, its bath overlooks the ocean.

101 architecture

Behind it, in the masculine all-wood bathroom a shower is built in to an alcove in the wall.

112 architecture

On the top deck, a dip pool under a sky frame allows for oneness with the vast sea beyond.

82 architecture

On this public floor, designed for entertaining, lolipop-inspired gel seating seems attached to the floor by a suction-cup.

16 architecture

Altogether a glamourous and luxurious retreat.

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Design Dilemma: Decorating with Dark Hardwood Floors

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

Dark hardwood floors have been in vogue for several years now, but the problem is that many of us still haven’t figured out how to show them off to best effect. Yes, dark hardwood floors can feel elegant and sophisticated but they also can feel… dark. Pair dark wood floors with dark heavy furniture and you could be in for a very gloomy existence.

So if you’ve got dark hardwood floors, or are contemplating getting them, here’s what you should keep in mind to prevent the darkness from overtaking your space.

Keep the walls light and bright.

As you see above, dark hardwood floors shine in bright, white spaces, where the contrast comes off as chic. This Georgetown townhouse, also pictured below, keeps the walls very white or a pale cream for an airy feeling. You’ll also notice that when dark wood floors are used in kitchens, they are usually paired with white cabinetry to lighten up the whole effect.

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

Here’s another interior, this time a very modern one, that uses dark wood with bright white walls.

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

Sometimes, what really helps to offset the heavy feeling  is going with a cheery color on the wall. For example:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

Lean toward the minimal

There’s something else we’ve noticed about homes that have used dark wood floors well —- they tend to go light on the furnishings. The star of the show is the dark wood itself, so too much furniture only detracts. Take a look at the spaces we’ve featured so far on the page. Not one of them is overburdened with too much furniture.  And the furniture that is used is relatively small in scale.

contemporary family room how to tips advice

Warm things up with rugs.

Although it’s true that the dark floors are the star of the show, they can be a rather overbearing star, prone to scratches and specks of dust. One of the best ways to counter these issues is to show off your rug by a throwing a colorful area rug over it. A beautiful oriental or kilim rug has the effect of making your dark wood floors that much more dramatic. Plus, they protect your floor from scratches and prevent the build-up of dust and dirt.


eclectic living room how to tips advice

Opting for a light color rug is another strategy for offsetting the heaviness of the floors.

traditional family room how to tips advice

Don’t be afraid to mix up your woods.

Just because you have dark hardwood floors doesn’t mean that every other wood surface in your home has to match. In fact, that would be a recipe for disaster. Take a page out of the book of the kitchen, below, which has mixed dark wood floors with birch cabinetry.

modern kitchen how to tips advice

And in the cottage below, homeowners have mixed dark wood floors with a lighter oak table and painted wooden chairs for a breezy, beachy, informal look.

traditional dining room how to tips advice

Think all light furniture would look strange in a room anchored by dark wood floors? Think again!

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

The home above also makes use of the fuzzy white rug trick, to lighten up the solemnity of the wood.

So you see, dark hardwood floors nee not be forboding or heavy in feeling. Lighten up, keep furniture at a smaller lighter scale, and your dark hardwood will be the star of the show.

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Magical House with no Walls in Sao Paulo

127 architecture

Flanked by a huge bookcase, a library is completely open to the garden, and overlooks a reflecting pond.

48 architecture

Seen in the background here, what seems to be a “library” is open on three sides.

99 architecture

In fact, that room is a place to sleep, yet its integration into public views completely preserves its privacy in a way that is almost magical.

108 architecture

While it is completely open air, the bedroom pavilion overlooking the pond is to one side of the house.

210 architecture

Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques has created an unusual home that is totally open to the outside.

138 architecture

An overhead tent of a glass roof is used to shield its inhabitants from direct rain overhead, but that is all.

69 architecture

Sunshine rakes rough stone walls that warm in the sun, and bring textural contrast with limestone floors stretching throughout.

89 architecture

With simply a hanging canopy above, daylight plays much more than the usual supporting role.

79 architecture

With her intense use of daylight, the architect has conjured a bookish escape from the frenzy of urban life in Sao Paulo.