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Opaque Black Glass Clads a Home with London’s Greenery


The very unique “Tree House” by London architect Ian McChesney which entirely clad in glass, reflects some planning conflicts in an neighborhood of architectural heritage.


The opaque shiny black surface reflects back the surrounding trees of the park next to the house, making it appear that the house is clad with trees.


Glass may seem like a cold choice for cladding, but a layer of insulation lies between it and the interior wood cladding.


While the exterior is glossy and hard, inside, the house has a protected sense of encased warmth.


The ground floor includes not just the public living cooking and eating areas, but also houses the master bedroom.


Four children’s bedrooms are located upstairs.


The house faced 68 objections in local planning comments in a neighbourhood of old Victorians.


The use of the opaque black glass was ultimately favoured by the planning committee for its perceived ability to blend into the surroundings.


But that must seem like a fragile victory in the face of such opposition.

Let’s hope none of the angry neighbours throw stones.

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Design Find: Modani’s Bergamo Sofa





bergamo white r3 furniture 2

There’s no avoiding it — the sofa has become the most important anchor piece in any home. And couches are particularly important today, and not just because we spend so much time sitting on them. Rather, because contemporary homes tend toward streamlined minimalism, there’s not much else, other than a bold painting or maybe a sculptural occasional chair or two, to make a “statement.” Couches, sofas, divans, have stepped fearlessly into that role.

We’re convinced that one of the best modern sofas  out there is the Bergamo sofa, sold by Modani, a furniture company born in the Wynwood design district of Miami, which now has stores distributed across the U.S.

What makes the Bergamo such a perfect choice for contemporary and minimalist homes is that it manages to walk that very fine line — yes, it is a bit trendy, but it’s also elegant, and enduring. It’s got a low-slung feel, which makes it modern, but sharp-stitched lines and soft cushions, which makes it feel timeless. As you can see below, it masterfully anchors a contemporary room, feeling grounded and airy at one and the same time, thanks to a design which does not show legs but still hovers just a bit above the floor.

bergamo black render min 1  furniture 2



And in the room below, which contains even fewer furniture pieces than the room above, the Bergamo again holds graceful sway. Again, it makes a grand statement but in a modern, subtle way. It has a way of making the chair and coffee and side tables feel completely unnecessary.


bergamo black r1 min furniture 2

The Bergamo uses quality wood and soft leather with a supportive spring base that allows you to snuggle into the cushions without getting stuck. The frame is made of solid wood. Cushions are made of high-density foam. Webbing secures the frame and leather makes for a couch that can stand up well to daily wear and tear. It reclines, with both a reclining headrest and seat, for maximum comfort on movie night or while watching the big game. Because there is built-in storage space, you can avoid TV remotes and magazines cluttering up your sleek room. And the absolute best thing is that it’s completely customizable. For large living rooms you can go huge, and opt for the Bergamo Extended Sectional. Here’s what it looks like:

bergamo bblack sectional extended leather sofa furniture 2

Or, on the other hand, you can go smaller, and opt for simply a couch with a left-hand or right-hand chaise. This size, while still roomy, is ideal for smaller apartments and condos.


bergamo grey sofa sectional furniture 2


And here’s what it looks like with the headrest up and the seat set into the recline position:

bergamo white leather sofa 1 good furniture 2

Finally, what makes the Bergamo such a perfect choice for modern homes and even “transitional” interiors is its classic color palette — this line comes in black, white, gray and elephant gray, which means there is a color that will look fantastic in every home and won’t go out of style quickly. Coming in, on sale, between $3-$5,000 depending on the size you opt for, it’s also a great value.

Kudos to Modani for carrying a quality, timeless statement piece!

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Design Dilemma: Doors Add More

Mill Valley

A door is just a door, right? Wrong! A door is an opportunity to bring personality and verve to your space. Just this one simple change can infuse new style and pep into any room and set the tone for the rest of your home. So no, that sliding or swinging block of wood is not just about privacy anymore.

Shall we explore?

The Barn Door
Barn doors can bring instant rustic style to a cottage or farmhouse space. Even a city apartment, especially a loft, can take one on, provided there is enough wall space around the door frame to accommodate it.


Here’s another example of a barn door of a smaller scale that could work in any home:


And another look, this time distressed, in a garage that has been converted to a cottage:

My Houzz: Colorful Vintage Finds fill a Chic Modern Farmhouse

The Sliding Pocket Door.
Nothing comes off as more modern and sleek than a disappearing pocket door that glides open and close with the touch of a finger, like the ultra sleek pocket door below separating a bathroom from a dressing room.

utopia projects

Below, a sliding pocket door of glass between two areas of a kitchen:

The Rivendell Manor

A Red Door.

There’s no easier way to make a statement than to paint a door a bright red. Just look what it does for the kitchen below.

Lu-In+Dave: Squirrel Hill, PA

But blue can do the trick too!

contemporary entry how to tips advice

An Extra Tall Door.

Height adds majesty, enough said?

Full Height Door Details

Glass Paneled Doors.

Even when they are modern, glass doors feel classic and elegant.

Lake Shore Drive Bathrooms

And here, tall french doors separate a living space from a foyer, suggesting an elegant, grand space:

Travis Heights Shotgun

These sliding glass doors are cool to look at:

Model Home

Vintage Doors.
They can look especially cool in loft and industrial spaces. This one below is especially fun:

Division Street

So are these:

New Vintage Detroit

And this one:


And these carved vintage doors from Central America

Mission-Style Rancho in San Diego

In short, a door is not just a door. It’s an opportunity! Now it’s your turn to walk through that door of opportunity!