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tukaani chopsticks dining entertaining

Tukaani is a chopstick for the uncoordinated. It is designed to making eating with chopsticks a lot easier and a lot less embarrassing for those who can’t use the traditional ones. They are sterling silver and dishwasher safe, so you can keep them instead of throwing them out when finished eating. They also look pretty nice sitting out on your table.

tukaani dining entertaining

What makes Tukaani so cool is the shape and the user friendly aspect of them. The shape and matt surface gives you a steady even grip in the hand. They remind us of a bent safety pin that is missing the clasp. But the true inspiration came from the bill of a Toucan. Eat with pride and ease with the Tukaani. Contact Kayiawa to get yours.


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  1. divya Says:

    i have never been able to et my food with copsticks and it always seemed like a tedious task. but Tukaani seem like a great idea and i think now eating chinese would be a lot easier. great cutlery.

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