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A Shipping Crate Kitchen

Crate Remodel1 diy
Here’s a great remodel that has a funky frugal charm.  Grocers throw out shipping crates routinely. Here’s just one way to reuse that wasted packaging.

Crate Remodel diy
Who would imagine what a great unique and individual face each one has when presented as the edge of a drawer or door. When you see a whole lot of these shipping crates, they hardly look appetizing, do they? Yet someone found a great reuse for them.

Crate Remodel2 diy
Perhaps your business throws away something en masse that looks just as unappetizing,  that could yet be recycled like these packing crates. Why not contact RecycleMatch about your waste – even if it looks really unappetizing to you.

And see what other businesses must throw out – perhaps it’s just what you could use.

Source: Calfinder

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4 Comments so far to “A Shipping Crate Kitchen”
  1. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Oh, good catch!

  2. Home Design Los Angeles Says:

    Very innovative and indigenous but not a sight for everyone's eyes. Some may fancy this one of a kind design but then again some people who would want their kitchen looking spic and span would probably pass on this. Talk about dirty kitchens and obsessive-compulsive homemakers.

  3. Weekend Links January 15 | CoolBoom Says:

    […] A Shipping Crate Kitchen. […]

  4. Ktichen Plumbing Says:

    Very creative idea and I have to admit I would rather like this in my kitchen. I love how different it is to other kitchen designs these days.

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