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Contemporary Furniture: Bonaldo Berlin

berlin chair furniture 2

This is a double duty chaise lounge that adapts to your mood. The backrest serves two separate positions. It can lay all the way back and act as a lounger or you can fold it up and it becomes a higher backed chair. Perfect for you when you want to lounge back or if you feel a bit more proper and need to sit up.

berlin 2 loungers furniture 2

The frame is made of chromium plated steel which is formed into tubular legs spanning the chair. The Berlin is padded with foam and covered in fabric with leather inserts on the foot and headrest. A modern clean lined convertible lounge chair that is sure to WOW your guests. Choose your color of either black or tan at Bonaldo. A new creative view of the traditional folding chair!

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2 Comments so far to “Contemporary Furniture: Bonaldo Berlin”
  1. Jose Flores Says:

    Hi, I´m live in Mexico City and I´m very interesting for yor products to my home.

    I´m looking for the Berlin Bonaldo chair in orage leather color.

    Do you have a representants in some place of México or South of USA?

  2. HDF Says:

    @Jose – Unfortunately we do not sell any of the products seen on the site. Bonaldo’s manufacturers web sites has details on purchasing this chair. Thanks

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