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Building Blocks for Next Gen Industrial Designers

Puzzle sofa3 furniture 2

Here’s a great kids sofa from DesignSkin for the budding industrial designer or interior architect in the family. As a reader of this blog – you might have one of those.
Puzzle sofa1 furniture 2
The whole thing is delivered as a puzzle shape consisting of an outer squared frame and ten inner blocks. It doesn’t take long for kids to see the possibilities of what amounts to a kid-sized lego system.

Puzzle sofa2 furniture 2
A light steel frame is padded well inside the sofa to help support the shape of each of the pieces. The pieces are covered with a non toxic material that makes the sofa safe for kids who suffer from dust allergy – and makes it easy to clean as well.

It’s durable and safe.
Puzzle sofa4 furniture 2

But that doesn’t mean that the places it can build are “safe”. Skeletor’s castle was a scary place for my kids when they were little. But that didn’t stop them from going ahead and building it anyway.

::Puzzle Sofa by Designskin

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  1. Hallway Furniture Says:

    Tetris style furniture – what a great idea!

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  3. FurnitureShopUk Says:

    Great concept! Kids would love this to bits!

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