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cWave: Modular Bookcase by Gianmarco Blini

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cWave by designer Gianmarco Blini is a modular bookcase like no other. Made of a single powder-coated aluminum sheet, it offers plenty of customized solutions, as it easily turns into a furniture with a design of your own. Light, simple and neat, with endless transformation possibilities, cWave offers lots of flexibility and space for all those books you love. The additional bottom containers makes it even more practical and useful.  It comes in two standard finishes – white and aluminum, but custom colors are available upon request. [via]

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3 Comments so far to “cWave: Modular Bookcase by Gianmarco Blini”
  1. Chair Hire Says:

    This is a very cool and contemporary bookcase. What a refreshing change from the standard wooden fitted wardrobes that seem to be the norm in most houses and apartments.

  2. Furniture Hire Men Says:

    This bookcase is great. Something similar has designed Slide but it was smaller.

  3. Furniture Hire Says:

    I like this bookcase a lot. The norm is not not good an it is nice to see something a little bit different.

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