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Nickel Couch by Johnny Swing

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Johnny Swing’s Obsessive Furniture line is taking common materials and creating functional art. Nickels, jars, quarters, leather; these items in the hands of Johnny Swing become everything but common. The incredible contemporary Nickel Couch is created from about 6,400 nickels, 35,000 welds and a substructure of using 350ft of stiffing rods.

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The couch weighs about 125 lbs and is 80″W x 42 “D x 28.5” H. Adding the Nickel Couch to your space is sure to give guests something to talk about. Surround yourself in money with the Nickel Couch by Johnny Swing. Check out more of the Obssessive Furniture line at Johnny Swing.

nickel couch 002 furniture 2

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  1. micaela6955 Says:

    very cool piece of art/furniture!

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