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Playing With Geometry: Shelving Amusements from Etimo Design

etimo design 7 furniture 2

When it comes to having fun with geometry to create cool furnishings, the Italians from Etimo Design certainly do a great job. These guys offer a wide variety of bookshelves that will turn your home into a cool contemporary minimalist hub. Designed by Diego Collerada SU, Suline, Zeronovanta and Fili, use various quadrilateral structures and straight lines to create storage space for books. While SU is a vertical arrangement of random quadrilaterals crafted in steel, Suline is the horizontal version,  Zeronovanta has an endless arrangement of perfect cubes in an orderly fashion, while Fili stole our hearts with its horizontal frames and threads that look like they were made out of silk. But there’s a problem. It’s hard for us to decide only on one of these to bring it home …

etimo design 1 furniture 2

etimo design 2 furniture 2

etimo design 3 furniture 2

etimo design 4 furniture 2

etimo design 5 furniture 2

etimo design 6 furniture 2

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  1. Manuj D Sharma Says:

    The vertical one is just awesome. Love it!

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